How To Scrape for Expired Tumblrs With Trust Flow

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Expired Tumblrs with Trust Flow has become one of the most used Web 2.0s for buffer sites in recent time. Why? Because Google loves as an authority social website. A lot of content is being published across the network daily. Many categories that attract readers and they share the content on other social platforms like and I find tons of shared links on Reddit every day.

What can you use expired Tumblrs with Trust Flow?

  1. Create private blog network from expired Tumblrs to boost rankings on
  2. Recreate expired Tumblr blog and use it for selling affiliate products. It is not uncommon to check one of these properties in way back machine and restore its content.
  3. Use them as buffer sites for your SAPE links or GSA SER links.
  4. They are an excellent source of contextual backlinks.
  5. Niche relevant links!!!

Tools we are going to need to scrape for expired Tumblrs.

  1. Hrefer – best scraper by far
  2. GSA Proxy Scraper – best proxy scraping software
  3. ScrapeBox – The SEO Swiss Army Knife
  4. Keyword Snatcher (or any way you can gather keywords to scrape Google planner for example)
  5. Xrumer (optional but very useful)
  6. Private Proxies from Mexela
  7. A dedicated server from
  8. Majestic SEO account
  9. RankerX (optional)

The Hrefer, in my opinion, is the best scraping tool on the internet today, period! ScrapeBox and GScraper are both great tools but Hrefer beats them all, and I’ll explain why. First of the tool runs very smoothly, rarely breaks or halts, it is not a resource hog. Second, it can scrape from all the key search engines, and you can even add your search engines too.

1. Harvest for keywords using the Keyword Snatcher or the ScrapeBox. Both ways will work, and both pieces of software are going to do a good job. I prefer Keyword Snatcher.

2. Setting up the Hrefer

I. Setting up the Hrefer is the first thing we do. You go to the Options menu then Parsing options. Make sure you have check marked:

  1. Links processing (section) -> Convert all links to index.
  2. Duplicates filtering (section) -> Enable filtering of duplicated links
  3. Duplicates filtering method (section) -> By entire URL
  4. Query options (section) -> Disable filtering harvested links Filter
  5. Query ordering (section) -> Words + Additive Words
  6. Multi-SE Parsing method (section) -> Mew query for each search engine
  7. Save & Close

Expired Tumblrs - Hrefer Settings

II. After that, you move on to the Proxies tab, and you select SOCKS5 (SOCKS4 will work as well).

  1. URL to check SOCKS you put the URL on your hosting where you host proxies file. It’s a trick I’m going to show you a bit later.
  2. Proxy count limit – 5000
  3. Proxy timeout, sec.: 5
  4. Auto-refresh, delay (min.) – 10
  5. Checking options: Do not check – save ALL!

Expired Tumblrs - Hrefer Proxies
6. Google parsing options: Randomize datacenters

Expired Tumblrs - Hrefer Search Engines

7. Multithreading options

Expired Tumblrs - Hrefer Multi-thread Options

8. Save & Close

III. Next step would be Words database tab and there select the keywords file you want to scrape expired Tumblrs.

Expired Tumblrs - Hrefer Words File

IV. Additive words database tab – do nothing there.

V. Search Engines options & Filter tab – select all search engines except Yandex and Bing. Filter: Tumblr

VI: Multithreading tab, Parser max threads count: 300 (or anything you think your server and proxies can handle).

VII: Links file: name_your_file.txt (click Save and Clean).

VIII. Hit the Start parsing button

3. Setting up GSA Proxy Scraper

I. Click the Setting icon and go to Filter. Make sure you have check marked Socks4 and Socks5 proxies.

Expired Tumblrs - GSA Proxy Scraper Filter

II. Automatic Export, click Add button and then FTP Upload. Configure your FTP server address and file name.

Expired Tumblrs - GSA Proxy Scraper Export

III. Click Add button -> Search Online -> All Sources

Expired Tumblrs - GSA Proxy Scraper Sources

IV: Click Test -> All

Depending on the number of keywords you have in your scraping file it will take some time for the Hrefer to complete the scraping process. I would suggest once you reach the end of the file to repeat the scraping from the beginning. Do it a few times to find as many expired Tumbrls as possible. The more we find, the greater the chance is to find properties with higher Trust Flow. Also, you can perform daily searches, and each day you will find more and more expired properties you can use. It’s fascinating once you start finding them, all kinds of new ideas will be popping up to your mind how to make more money online. Great stuff!!!

Filtering in ScrapeBox

Once done with the scraping and you are happy with the number of properties found, import the file to ScrapeBox. Trim the imported list to root and Remove Duplicate URLs. After that, we are going to use the Alive Checker plugin.

In ScrapeBox we go to Menu -> Add-ons -> ScrapeBox Alive Check. Once the addon loads, you click on Load URLs from ScrapeBox harvester. Also, make sure the proxies check mark is ticked. Click on the Setup button and type 200. Threads 10 (1:2 ration with your private proxies) and click OK button. Click on the Start button and depending on the number of tumblers you imported it will take a while to complete. I use the Xrumer to perform this step. Yes, the Xrumer to find if the tumbler is expired or alive. But will explain this in a separate tutorial.

Expired Tumblrs - ScrapeBox Alive Check

4. Private proxies – I use Mexela proxies for the past year or so and ever since I switched to Mexela proxies I’m remarkably happy with the job they do. I got private not shared private proxies, but you can get those if you want to save a few dollars. As soon as you pay, you will receive your proxies no matter what time of the day is, and you will be up and running in no time.

5. Dedicated server – it is not required, but as soon as you get into the SEO game, you are going to need one. Why? First of all, you will need your SEO tools up and running 24/7. The dedicated servers nowadays have gigabit internet connections making tasks like scraping work ten times faster than your home connection.

I’ve been using SolidSEO VPS as my main dedicated servers company, and I’m not changing them anytime soon. I’ve been with them since 2012, and they are doing an excellent job. The uptime is 99.99% pretty much you will never experience downtime. If you have any issues, the support is instant. As soon as you open the ticket, someone will be assigned to your problem, and within ten minutes the problem will be solved.

On top of that, they are cheap. If you want to save even more money and you are not using a lot of tools go for their VPS servers, but at some point, you will switch to dedicated. You can read my SolidSEOVPS review here.

Majestic SEO account to check the metrics of the expired Tumblrs you found is a must. I believe in Majestic the most than other SEO tools metrics like Moz and Ahrefer. Majestic’s data is the closest one that matches Google criteria when it comes to the quality of backlinks.

RankerX is to manage your different Tumblr PBNs. You import your posting email and password, articles and the software will post to all Tumblrs in your network. I will do another tutorial on how to do that. It’s a kind of expensive tool; it will cost you $39 a month, but it can be used for many other tasks as well. I’m yet to find a better tool to manage my properties with so if you saw one; I will appreciate your take on it and post in the comments section.

That’s pretty much how you find quality expired Tumblrs. I hope this tutorial is going to help you find some with high Trust Flow. Also, you can make a lot of money by reselling them on . Sell them as PBN service, this way you will attract more visitors to your gig because PBNs are the once mostly searched there. If you have the time, you can setup 10 or even 20 separated PBN networks each containing 50+ Tumblrs in all ten major Internet Marketing niches like weight loss, internet marketing, make money online, wealth, hobby and so on. There are endless opportunities. Another great addition to that is you won’t have to pay for hosting.

If you liked the above tutorial, please share it on social networks to help spread the word. Thank you!

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