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Classic SAPE links are quality backlinks service from all niches and spectrum of the SAPE links network. This service is perfect for any niche, whenever you need to introduce your website quickly to search engines and speed up SERP. Also, it’s ideal for linking to Web 2.0 properties and passing the juice to them. All links which I’m going to purchase for you are checked for Majestic TF/CF and Moz PA/DA of the page and indexed in Google.

Note: As most of you probably have noticed since April 18th, 2016 Google has hidden the Page Rank (PR) for all sites from public access. Even though SAPE still charge for links per PR as I mentioned in this article, I’m discounting the Page Rank for all packages. Now all packages will be filtered for the other metrics as Majestic TF/CF and Moz DA/PA. It is quality backlinks service, and all links remain as powerful as before. Nothing changes, links will be the same quality as before. I’ve always checked all links for TF/CF as I’m a firm admirer of Majestic.com links filtering.

Choose Your Plan
  •    Do Follow:
  •    Max OBL:
  •    Average Majestic TF/CF:
  •    Total No. of Links:
  •    Domain Age:
  •    Unlimited URLs:
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$39/ month
  • 10
  • 10+
  • 75
  • Min. 160 Days
  • 3 - 7 Days


$69/ month
  • 10
  • 15+
  • 110
  • Min. 160 Days
  • 3 - 7 Days


$99/ month
  • 10
  • 20+
  • 135
  • Min. 160 Days
  • 3 - 7 Days


$149/ month
  • 10
  • 20+
  • 220
  • Min. 160 Days
  • 3 - 7 Days

*Note: All links are rented for one month.


Links are NOT renewed automatically for each month but we can still do that manually.


Links are automatically renewed for each month.

Why should you buy Classic SAPE package?

quality backlinks service

Please have in mind, in order the get good results from SAPE links you need to have good on-page SEO. This step is crucial, so you see results faster. Otherwise, it will take a lot longer to move the site up in SERPs. Probably 95% of the people overlook this part of SEO and jump straight into link building. If you are using WordPress for your website, try SEOPressor the best WordPress SEO plugin. It is the best plugin I’ve ever used for SEO purposes.

The best thing about SEOPressor is you can see in real time how your blog post snippet will look on Google search. The plugin also adds schema to your post which makes it more search engine friendly. I think I may have to do a whole review on this plugin. Because no matter how many quality backlinks you buy if your website has no structure and the on-page SEO is low score then there will be no results. The link juice can’t flow from the homepage of your site to the inner pages.

Also, make sure you have Robots.txt file on your server. If your site is promoting affiliate products, you should cloak your links with tag 302-Found. Cloaking the affiliate links is a must as believe it or not Google doesn’t like affiliates :). So, don’t leave your site and money in the hands of Google as we all know what will happen. Unfortunately, this is the game we have to play with the monster. Don’t jump on the hype “I need only English links” because that’s now always the case. Primarily if you are targeting niche with an affiliate product that sells worldwide.

One advice I can give you if you are wondering about getting quality backlinks service is to see look around the competitors in your niche. If you have lot’s of authority sites on page one with lots of videos ranking as well – you probably should get high quality backlinks package – $149. Or you can start with the cheaper backlinks package and gradually increase the links. It’s always better to have the links coming regularly this will make things look natural. If you are looking to buy dofollow backlinks cheap, these packages are the perfect solution. I’m a backlink service provider who cares about your business. It’s in my best interest to provide you with the best backlink service for your hard earned money. There are many link building services out there, but I take all clients personally, and when you purchase backlinks from me I promise you to do my best.

Also, besides SAPE links you should be creating backlinks from other sources as well. If you are wondering how to find backlinks, then ask me. I know lots of people in the industry, and I can certainly help you find and get the best backlink services. Make sure you stay away of link building service that promise you heaven for $5. There is no such thing.