Google PageRank is Dead – Long Live The PageRank

It’s been a while since I made a blog post but this one is much needed for all of us. As you guys probably know, Google decided to “kill the PageRank” or more of hiding it from the general public. The PageRank still exist but only for Google’s private access. We won’t be able to see it anymore. According to it “ruined the web”. The evil spammers and link sellers benefited from it but not the regular webmasters and web visitors. You can read the article and draw a conclusion for yourself.

Anyways, I got in touch with SAPE’s support to see what do we do? How do we proceed from now on with getting High PR SAPE links? The good news is SAPE are going to keep the PageRank in their system. Somehow they will keep and be able to track PR. Please see the screenshot bellow.


I personally, always believed and still believe PR matters and obviously it does. But they are just trying to “kill the link selling industry”. Every time they do something like that we figure out new way to counter it. Link selling won’t die anytime soon because backlinks matter and they matter a lot. According to and its owner Brian Dean (who I respect the most in the SEO industry) backlinks and the link authority are the #1 and #2 factors. So, I’m going to keep and use the PR until SAPE can provide the data. Also, I use Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow when picking up the links. You guys know that I always try to get the best links for your money.

Please guys comment bellow if you have any suggestions or ideas.

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