What is the Best VPS for SEO tools?


They are many reputable and reliable VPS providers out there but there is such shortage for best vps for seo tools from companies which are focused on SEO Tools VPS.

If you ever going to need a VPS server for your SEO tools, look no further than Solid SEO VPS. These guys are amazing, rock solid and nothing is out there as good as their VPSes. First of all, let me tell you, I did not write this article to make commission as an affiliate of SolidSEOVPS.com. I’m just grateful for the service I use with them and want to recommend them to anyone I know.

Now, let me tell you – you are going to get more than what you paid for. The speed of the boxes is enormous. I’ve been using VPS servers for the past 5 years and up until I switched to Solid SEO I did not get such job of using virtual servers. Simply, there is no lag with their VPS. I mean, it’s like accessing virtual machine within your own computer.

I got two WIZARD boxes and I was skeptical in the beginning but as soon as I got my tools up and running – man that was unbelievable. Now, if you ask yourselves “Shall I build a powerful PC or get a VPS/Dedi?” – go for the VPS/Dedi. And make sure you go with these guys. Why?!? Because first and foremost you get 1Gbs of Internet speed with top notch server configuration. That means your SEO tools will be blazing. I got 45% increase in LPM with GSA Search Engine Ranker and 30-35% increase in verified links – that’s huge. Another important thing about using rented servers in general is the RAM memory. All server built configurations use ECC Memory. Basically, ECC stands for Error-correcting code memory which means the memory is auto-correcting the errors and there is no need to reboot your machine. You can install ECC RAM on your home PC as well but you have to make sure your motherboard supports such memory, plus the cost for such memory – you are going to splash some cash.

One other thing is, you should use Proxies/VPN at any time when using your SEO tools. It’s company policy and if they get complaint, they might shut your box down but so far I’ve got no issues whatsoever (knock on wood). HideMyAss.com VPN and Proxy-Hub.com work great. I use HMA for Money Robot as well as Ultimate Demon. VPN is a lot better than proxies but the downside is you can’t scrape trough VPN as fast as with private proxies because search engines will block your IP queries fast. Downside of using HMA is you can’t use them with Xrumer or ScrapeBox. They will shut your account down within minutes they get complain about spamming.

I use shared private proxies from Proxy-Hub.com, they are really good proxies just the support sucks big time. You have some issue, expect someone to help you the next day or two. They are really slow on answering support tickets but there are not much issues you are going to need support.

Also, Solid SEO provide proxies from BuyProxies.org with huge discount. I used to have my proxies with them but at some point they had lots of issues with their proxies, as slow latency but recently there is good feedback for them within the SEO communities. My proxies expire at the end of December 2013 so I might go back with Buy Proxies.

Budget for SEO tools? Now, it really depends on what kind of SEO campaigns you do on weekly basis. If you are having just 5-10 websites and you got 4-5 SEO tools, probably the GEEK configurations from SolidSEOVPS.com will be enough. If you have the money and you are wondering which VPS is best – go for the Solid State Drive VPS. Because you get a lot more performance from SSD drives compared to regular HDD. I personally don’t use the SSD VPS because at the time of purchasing my boxes there were no SSD configurations but still I’m extremely happy with what I got.

SUPPORT is SECOND TO NONE, I have no words to describe my satisfaction with the support I get. You have an issue or just want to ask them a question – you send the ticket and latterly in 5 minutes max someone will get back to you with the answers. The support is really helpful and most importantly they solve problems within minutes, not days.

I hope, they do not oversell and the service keeps the quality of the boxes. This is the only concern I have and I hope it stays that way for long time. If you guys have any questions, please let me know in the comments bellow and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

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