Penguin 3.0 – The Ebola Google Update [October 2014]

I like the title and took it from BHW thread –

So here is the deal with who got wacked. Those guys who used GSA SER plus other shitty links towards their money site(s). People who used SAPE and/or PBN posts to the money site did not get hit so far, even gained rankings. I personally never been admirer of GSA SER as it got saturated same as the xrumer did a few years back.

Please have in mind GSA SER is just a tool, and a tool itself can’t harm but the one who operates it is to blame. Probably if you use your own scraping footprints and your own private lists (not the ones found on forums) you should be fine. Another  thing I’ve been suspicious of is that the tool leaves some kind of footprint inside Google logs and they release this update mainly to kick in the teeth all webmasters building backlinks with it. Yea, I know it might sound way over the top but the same thing happened with the Xrumer and the first Penguin update. All that update did is to wipe out sites with forum profiles as backlinks. That’s why even sites with legit forum backlinks got hit.

Having said that, I keep using the xrumer on daily basis and will keep using it but with my own approach and LinksLists. GSA SER should probably be used mainly to build links but not for scraping sources, there must be something with the way it does it. Another thing that’s being debated about is that Web 2.0s are becoming unsafe for Tier 1 links. Not sure about it but it could be. We are too early in the update stages to make major conclusions.

From now on, your Tier 1 links MUST be only quality links, either PBN and/or SAPE backlinks to protect your site(s) from future damages.

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