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Google Stacking

Get links directly from Google! You have probably heard of Google Stacking, and you have been wondering what on the world is that? Very simple this is all about getting backlinks from Google itself and pour the links juice directly to your money site.

  • Low & Medium Competition Keywords
  • Google Site
  • Custom Google Map with 10x Pins
  • 10x Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  • 10x Web 2.0 Profiles
  • 5x Citations Directory Listing
  • 1x Amazon AWS Guest Post
  • 1x Google Cloud Guest Post
  • 1x Microsoft Azure Cloud Guest Post
  • 1x Alibaba Cloud Guest Post
  • 1x Google Event Calendar
  • 5x Google Articles (unique content)
  • 5x Google PDFs (unique content)
  • 10x Geo Tagged Google Images
  • 1x Google Slide
  • 100x Google Map Embeds
  • 50x Social Signals
  • 2500x GSA SER Backlinks
  • 20x Inner Page SAPE Links TF15+
  • Delivery Time - 10 Days
  • Full White Label Report
  • Medium Competition Keywords
  • Google Site
  • Custom Google Map with 20x Pins
  • 20x Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  • 20x Web 2.0 Profiles
  • 10x Citations Directory Listing
  • 2x Amazon AWS Guest Post
  • 2x Google Cloud Guest Post
  • 2x Microsoft Azure Cloud Guest Post
  • 2x Alibaba Cloud Guest Post
  • 1x Google Event Calendar
  • 10x Google Articles (unique content)
  • 10x Google PDFs (unique content)
  • 20x Geo Tagged Google Images
  • 1x Google Slide
  • 200x Google Map Embeds
  • 100x Social Signals
  • 5000x GSA SER Backlinks
  • 35x Inner Page SAPE Links TF15+
  • Full White Label Report
  • Delivery Time - 14 Days
  • Medium & Hard Competition Keywords
  • Google Site
  • Custom Google Map with 40x Pins
  • 40x Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  • 40x Web 2.0 Profiles
  • 20x Citations Directory Listing
  • 4x Amazon AWS Guest Post
  • 4x Google Cloud Guest Post
  • 4x Microsoft Azure Cloud Guest Post
  • 4x Alibaba Cloud Guest Post
  • 1x Google Event Calendar
  • 20x Google Articles (unique content)
  • 20x Google PDFs (unique content)
  • 40x Geo Tagged Google Images
  • 1x Google Slide
  • 400x Google Map Embeds
  • 150x Social Signals
  • 8000x GSA SER Backlinks
  • 70x Inner Page SAPE Links TF15+
  • Full White Label Report
  • Delivery Time - 14 Days

What is Google Stacking?

Google Entity Stacking is a powerful SEO tactic that utilizes the power for all Google properties. The meaning behind the term is that you have multiple backlinks from sites like Google Maps, Youtube, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Images, Blogger, etc. It helps to boost the authority of the website quickly because the backlinks get indexed pretty quickly. Nevertheless, Google loves Google, and each property has high authority on the web.

Are Google Stacks Black Hat or White Hat?

Google Stacking Black Hat or White Hat SEO


Google entity stacks are white hat service because all of the links are coming from sources that owned by Google. There is no risk of penalty of using these links. I’m yet to see Google penalizes itself. The worst case scenario is nothing will happen.

Who Is This Service For?

It is the perfect service for Local SEO Business because these are the essential backlinks you want to get for any local business. Also, it is excellent for any SEO project you may have. Nothing better than backlinks coming from Google. Why not take advantage of them and boost your domain authority?

Cons and Pros of Google Entity Stacks

Google Stacks Cons and Pros

To me, it is tough to find any cons to this besides that it is time-consuming and pretty much all of the work is “manual.” You have to prepare all of the content, images, videos, etc. But if you look at this from another angle, it all seems like a natural process.


  • backlinks from Google
  • completely white hat SEO method
  • no risks of any penalty
  • grow the power of the stack by adding more content to the properties


  • time-consuming to make it work right

Can You Do Google Stack by Yourself?

Absolutely. Without a doubt, you can do it yourself, but you can do so many other things by yourself. It’s a matter of priorities and which task is more important to you.

Google Stacking Campaign Process Steps

Bellow we are going to show you the exact process of Google drive stack SEO. Even if you are not an SEO expert and you always thought things are way too complicated in search engine optimization you can see below that it is nothing complicated. We are laying out the roadmap of how we do it. Have in mind there is no Google stacking software for us to automate this. Almost everything we do in Google stacking SEO done by hand.

Step 1. Domain Authority Stacking

Point links from great Web 2.0 profiles to the money site. It helps set up the backlinks profile for the domain which we are going to boost further.

Step 2. Create a Public Google Folder for The Entity Stacking

  • Google Site
  • Google Public Folder
  • Google Doc
  • Google PDF
  • Google Map
  • Google Slide Presentation
  • Google Photos
  • Google Spreadsheet

Step 3. Buffer Web 2.0 Properties

These are backlinks from web 2.0 blog platforms that we are going to use further down our campaign.

Step 4. Citation Links from Local SEO Directories

Citation links are a must for any local business, but also, they can do great goods for any SEO project.

Step 5. Create Custom Google MyMap

Google maps are compelling in Google’s eyes because they provide data pinpointed on a map. Nothing better for Google to see that someone pinned your business on their maps. Also, the map will be embedded on multiple Web 2.0 blogs.

Step 5. Guest Posting on Cloud Properties

The properties that we will guest post on are Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. You will have a webpage on each of these properties (subject to your selected package).

Step 6. Social Signals

Social signals are significant and will be sending tweets, Facebook shares, and likes across the most important properties.

Step 7. SAPE Links

Well, as you already know you are getting backlinks from Google but it won’t hurt further boosting these properties with some juice SAPE links.

Step 8. GSA SER Links and Indexing

GSA SER is one of the best tools to send crawlers to your properties, and we are not going to miss that chance.

There are many ways to use the power of Google Stack SEO for any website. There is no maximum number of Google stacking campaign you can do to a site. The more Google stacks you have, the better. These links will never hurt your website by any means.

If you have a local business Google authority stacking can help to boost your business presence enormously. Bring more value to your market. Everything today is online on our phones. The chance of a potential client reading this on a smartphone is 99% higher than searching for this on a Facebook group let’s say. Alphabet Inc. has done an excellent job of implementing and creating new technology for us to help our lives move faster than we would like. Any business relies on Google and Google maps these days. No one is buying paper maps anymore. Imagine having a Google map stacking what business value can have to your business? Especially, if you are a small business owner and you don’t want to deal with fancy SEO companies promising everything and selling you the same Google Drive Stacks but with an additional zero at the end of the price tag.

We really hope you understand what is Google stacking. Nothing complicated but the most powerful way to further promote your business online on the best possible platform.

Google Entity Stacking done for your service is a no-brainer. The site you are optimizing will get the ultimate link juice flowing to form the most powerful links from Google and the Russian SAPE Links network.