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Are SAPE Links Safe?

For now, they are completely safe as all major players are using SAPE links (your hair will stand if know who is using them). Having said that you know our industry changes by the day.

Are SAPE Links Permanent?

No, SAPE links aren’t permanent they are rented for a month.

Will SAPE Links get me on top of Google?

For sure they will help you get on top of Google. However, we are long past the era where you put a bunch of links and you rank page one. There are other factors that come to place in ranking on top of Google not just links. BUT links are the most powerful factor besides content.

Have them as long as you rank.

How many URLs and keywords can I use for my order?

In most cases as many as you like. It doesn’t matter to me. However, count your chances do not just send 5 links to 1 URL. Please contact me if you still undecided.

Do you provide a full report?

YES, full reports are provided with all of my services.

How long does it take to complete an order?

In most cases up to 3 to 7 days.

What language are accepted in your service?

Any language is accepted. Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, you name it. Just make sure the keywords do not exceed 107 characters including spaces/dashes.

Once I receive the report should I send the links for indexing?

NO, NO, NOOOOO!!!!! PLEASE, do not do anything with the links in the report. Do NOT send GSA SER or any other type of crappy links to them. Google will find the links naturally.

Yes, by your request I can drip feed the links. In the order form, there is a slider option on how many days you want me to drip feed the links.

Usually, you will see improvements in SERP within a week. Now, this is not a one-way street you buy links and you are on page 1 in a month. There are many other factors besides links. In fact, building the links is the last step in ranking.

Are the links going to be relevant to my niche?

I will do anything possible to find relevant links to your niche. However, in most cases, the links won’t be relevant to your niche.

Can I have text around my anchor text keyword?

Absolutely! The syntax for that is: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet #a#your anchor#/a# consectetur adipiscing elit.
Also, I can do this for you by using the text generator in SAPE. Just let me know that in your order.

Are SAPE Links DoFollow?

Yes, all SAPE links are dofollow. However, if you want the links to be nofollow I can do that. Just let me know in the order.

Are there any sites you do not accept?

SAPE doesn’t accept:
1. Adult
2. Pharma
3. Cannabis-related