How to have successful SAPE campaign?

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  1. Point the SAPE links to inner page(s).
    1. Make sure you have QUALITY UNIQUE ARTICLE on-page which is at least 400 words. I prefer you spend $50 on one article and $39 on SAPE package with me, instead of buying $149 SAPE package. I really mean that!!!
      Make sure you have the targeted keyword is repeating 3 times on-page
    2. Make sure you got an image with keyword in ALT tag
    3. Make sure you got unique meta description
    4. Make sure you got meta keyword(s)
  2. Avoid building more links to your money site while I do the SAPE links. This way we can determine if there are any issues in rankings. Even though I’m not responsible directly (as I don’t sell SEO packages) for your SEO campaign, I’m part of it and I believe in many cases SAPE is the main tool.
  3. On-page SEO IS the most important part of any SEO campaign. So, you really need to focus on what’s going on within your website and then worry what backlinks you need to get.

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