The Endgame – SAPE Links in 2019

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Has anything changed with the use of SAPE links in 2019?

Not really, but it depends on your goals. First of all, you have to set the right goals for your website before you do anything. I mean, look at the niche you are into and think about it “can I make it?”. Be honest with yourself don’t just blindly try to fool your brain. SAPE links are still compelling in 2019. If you read my article on SAPE links 2018 you can go ahead read it and compare with this version. Anyways,  all of my clients who know or seek advice on how to use links from the Russian authority link network were very successful in 2018, and things are keeping it the same in 2019. This holiday season sales were sky-high.

Identify The Competition in Your Niche And Follow Them

SEO Competition

If you are trying to rank for specific keywords without first checking and scouting your competitors, you are on the wrong path. Don’t just check “keyword searches” this is something all newbies do. I’ve done the same thing many times and almost failed every time I tried. Any niche has top dogs that you should be following daily. Pay attention, not predicting but following their footsteps. There are on average a pack of three websites that do great all the time and always compete between each other. There is nothing wrong to copy their style. Since Google gives them love you should not shy of doing what they do. We are in the business of spying each other.

Content is The King, But DoFollow Links Are The Queen

Your content and on-page SEO is 65% of the whole work. Then probably another 15% is social media love. If you can’t create viral content, you should not be disappointed. I had never produced anything viral, but I feel okay about the things I do in my business. There are so many tiny spots in every niche where people look for help and are willing to spend money on your service and product. People need a lot of proof that you deserve their dollars. So, give them content that they are searching for. After that, you should start thinking about the link building.

DoFollow links have and always be the most valuable links. Metrics are still essential and play a factor, but the DoFollow links leak link juice back, and that’s all that matters. SAPE links are dofollow as you probably know (they can be nofollow as well, but it’s another story for another day). And they are always the best solution for any SEO strategy.

The Endgame

Since recorded military history, all of the best generals saved their best weapons and moves for the very last moment. And you should do the same. Do not start your link building campaign with SAPE links. Always begin with contextual backlinks. Web 2.0 blog posts are the best introductory backlinks for any website. Why? Because they have always been treated as the social networks’ small brothers and sisters (let’s keep this article politically correct 😀 ).

So, be that general and move your army at the enemy’s gates. Hit page two of Google and wait and see what happens. Nobody is patient but be a little bit. You are solving a puzzle not building a castle. Adjust a few things on your content and see what happens. As soon as you notice any moments get SAPE links. Having said that buy dofollow backlinks that are worth the money. People buy backlinks from sources that don’t make any sense.

Friendly Fire/Advice

Always listen to people who spend their money to test things. Never listen to crap on SEO Facebook groups how bad are the Russian links. For a matter of fact, I get one person a week, on average, to come to me asking to give them “my miracle” links because they dropped in rankings. After a short check, it’s always the same cause – PBN links. Buying PBN links from sellers who provide reports means one thing and one thing only a penalty. Why? Because with their good intention and demands for backlinks report, nine out of ten buyers will abuse the report. What do I mean by that? They get the backlinks and start blasting them with GSA SER and the XRumer “to speed things up.” Secondly, getting backlinks from sites which have ultraspun articles in any niche is the worst thing to do. Everyone wants permanent backlinks but most people are not willing to pay the price for the quality of that. Hence, sellers are doing you bad favor when they sell backlinks from questionable websites advertising them as the best place for backlinks.

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