What Web Browser to Use for Your Black Hat SEO Tasks?

Here is a question that any of us loving black hat SEO should be concerned about it. Why? Because we know we are tracked/watched/spied on or whatever term you want to use.

Se we all use or have used Chrome or Firefox and they are both great browsers. Most people use Google Chrome because of the speed of the browser and the extensions available for free. But at some point, we start seeing fishy things happening with our projects like an unexpected drop in rankings without any google update. I know we all live in some paranoia but we should question everything, and some things are for real.

I have been there and played the blame game for a long time until I went “all Russian” – funny I know. So, since three years ago I’ve been using Yandex web browser. It’s Chromium based, and you can use all of your Chrome extensions. The speed of the browser is even faster than Chrome. No lagging and crashes, especially if you are using Windows 8.1. I recently switched to the new Windows, and I like the speed of both my desktop computer and my laptop.

I hope this article helps you guys and indeed test the browser for yourself to see the difference: https://browser.yandex.com/

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