Top 20 Document Sharing Sites

The document sharing sites are the most reliable source for Tier 1 link building. If you put just a little effort in creating a nice document and upload it to the sites from the image (there is a PDF bellow it with the top 20 document sharing sites) you will get rock solid Tier 1 links. Just have in mind, that allow clickable links after the 3rd page. Also, the document sites have huge traffic value by REAL humans (not bots). Spend some time and create a nice document promoting your service or product and sooner or later you will have sales.

One think to have in mind is when building your profile make sure you fill out all the info and put some nice picture of a busty girl 🙂 OK, that was a joke but have a profile picture.

Top 20 Document Sharing Sites

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Top 20 Document Sharing Sites and Search Engine Optimization

After you set your profiles on the document sharing sites make sure you follow some people within your niche. As i said these sites are highly visited by real human traffic and there actually people looking for information. When you post a new document, do not got and just submit some spun crap out there but rather post valuable information. Yes, I know it will take time and money probably but do it. After you post the document go end buy some cheap tweets and facebook likes/shares on . As we all know, social signals are really important. They will pass juice to the document and surely will boost your money site’s SERP.

Once you do that then you can get some SAPE Links to your PDF document. That sets SERP on fire, trust me on that. I’m so into document sites that they are my go to Tier 1 properties.

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