DIY Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

Well, I get this question a lot: “What can I do on my own, so to save some cash or spend it on quality service?” Since, I do business with lots of small business owners who don’t have lavish budget to spend monthly I’ll try to help in this article as much as I can.

So, you got that Amazon affiliate website or some Market Health affiliate site build on product and you are striving to get SERP exposure? We all been there and we all struggled to get where we hoped to be.

DIY Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

First thing is to get some quality content on your website. I’m not into all that “Content is the King” but hey – you would rather pay $20 for articles weekly instead of paying for countless services which are not doing the job.  Post some articles, like food for thoughts, people like that. That’s the reason you read this article, aren’t you?

Secondly, you must have a Facebook fan page, Google+ page and Twitter account. I was one of those guys who did not believe in this never ending circle of “like-share-tweet-g+-comment” but the thing is working and most importantly it delivers traffic.

Third, get involved in Facebook groups related to your niche. You will see what others are doing and you can compare your work to theirs. We all like to know how others are doing things so they are more successful than we are in your minds. That will surely get you on the right track.

Forth, open accounts on the top bookmarking sites such as and on the top 20 document sharing sites. Bookmark everything you like on the web not just stuff related to your niche but everything. You won’t believe but these accounts will skyrocket your site’s SERP. Also, post at least one document to the top 20 document sharing sites. Make sure you put an image, two anchored keywords and one naked URL. Have in mind, document sharing sites are very-very niche targets as many people visit them and search for things every day.

Five, start a YouTube channel. Let’s say you have an amazon store on coffee machines. Try to find some video on YouTube with a review on some coffee machines. Download the video and do a voice over it with your own voice. That way you will create a totally unique video and you should not worry for someone complaining you stole their video. Also, if you got the time you can download images of the product and make a video with them as you narrate with voiceover.

Six, create Pinterest Pinboard. The Pinterest boards rank very well on Google. You should have seen many of them in the search results, especially for long tail keywods.

DIY Search Engine Optimization will take you not more than 2 hours per day in the beginning, then it will hassle down as the site will get traffic and people will spread the word. The main point is being constant with your work on the website. After you start seeing some positives, you can then do some paid links on your social sites. Have in mind, that these properties are your own private blog network, that’s how you should treat them.

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