How long does it take for Google to pick up a 301 domain redirect to a money site?

How to Do a Proper 301 Domain Redirect?

I get this question asked a lot. In most cases if everything is alright with the 301 domain, Google will pick it up in 2 – 3 days. You should see it in your search console panel the 301 domain redirect.

The most important part is how to pick the right 301 domain for your backlinking task? The 301 domain should have at least partial match of your money keyword. For example, if you are trying to rank for “3 weeks diet plan” – your 301 domain should be something link 3weeksexercise .com/.org/.net/.info or anything close to that. Make sure the domain you pick is not banned by Google (hard to figure but dig deep in

Another thing is to ensure your 301 domain and your website hosted on different IPs. I usually use to find good 301s and never had problems with the domains I picked. Look in the expired section; it is a lot easier than the expiring section.

301 domain redirect

After that, you can redirect via the .htaccess file. Make sure you do it where you host the 301 domain. Then you can send your SAPE links or any other links you build. I personally use 301 domains for churn and burn SEO and it works great. Especially if you do launch jacking.

Also, many people have started using 301 domain redirect to rank their money website on page one of Google. Almost in any competitive niche you can find such websites. Let me show you one such website using 301 domain redirect to rank for very competitive search term such as “but injectable steroids”.

301 domain redirect

This guy is ranking and banking just with 301 domain redirects and nofollow backlinks. Most people follow what others say without paying real attention to what’s going on in their niche. Always check what your competitors are doing not what others say you should do. Sometimes things are simple and not complicated. Take action, do not hesitate.


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