Churn and Burn SEO Switchbox Using SAPE Links

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OK we all heard about ‘churn and burn’ SEO tactics but many people think it’s way too complicated and that restrained them from making money fast.

So, here it is how it’s done. First thing off course is selecting a niche and building affiliate site (or whatever money making strategy you got). The domain that you build the site with should be either exact match keyword or some domain with PR. Preferably you got some exact match domain with page rank but that’s 95% of the time impossible.

Anyways, next step is you get another domain with PR3 (PR2 or PR1 will work too). That domain we will 301-ing to our money site. Once you rank page one we just wait for the domain to get burned by google, it could last a day, a month or two maybe. It all depends on how lucky you are but once your money site is penalized – you just turn the switch with 301-ing to your next domain. If you are out of luck and got not domain with PR another option is to use .tk domain(s) as they can be 301 to your money site.

Look at the diagram bellow:

SAPE churn and burn


  1. Churn and burn SEO is great way to make money, the idea behind is to outsource the process so things happen fast.
  2. Use expired exact match domain with PR for your money site if possible.
  3. Get expired domain with PR3 (PR2 or PR1 will work as well) for 301-ing. If you can’t get one, use .tk domain.
  4. You MUST GREAT ON-PAGE SEO on your money site(s) (I don’t know how many times to repeat it).
    a. If you are using WordPress, use Yoast SEO plugin, it will get you the best results.

Some people might ask “Why doing this, instead of getting SAPE links directly to my money site?”. The best thing about it is you got the 301 domain under constant rankings 🙂 and just by switching the redirect you should have nice results within 1-2 days.

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