Here is Why SAPE is Cutting Edge Organic Search Engine Optimization Technology

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cutting edge organic search engine optimization technology

SAPE is cutting edge organic search engine optimization technology because it has all the nuts and bolts under one roof. What do I mean by that? Let me tell you what do I mean.

First, SAPE has all the major tools for backlinks you need for your project. You can buy footer/sidebar links that are “suppose to” not be working but if you check websites ranking for top searches you would be stoned how many of them are using them.

Second, you have the PBN types contextual backlinks. They are the icing on the cake because you will be placing a backlink on articles written back in 2010 or even earlier. If you can’t find articles in the English language where to place your link, simply translate your keyword into Russian language and do a search for the keyword in Russian. That’s how I do it and it’s been working great for me. The downside is they are rented but they are worth the hassle.

Third, you have permanent backlinks. Another type of PBN backlinks but these are lifetime links. You place your link in an article which you can provide to the website or place your link on an upcoming article. The article will be placed on the homepage of the website for at least 24 hours and then moved into the archive. Exactly the same way that others sell you PBN links with the exception the articles are original, written by copywriters, not SEO Content Machine spun articles. That’s real cutting edge organic search engine optimization technology period.

Dear friends, no one wants to admit the elephant in the room but SAPE is getting bigger and better. Now, you can even order social signals directly from SAPE too. But the social signals like tweets and facebook likes and shares come from real accounts, not some bots.

The money spent is worth every cent as you don’t end up buying expensive domains with “backlinks” from Forbes and WSJ or whatever top media they claim to be. Spending $300 on domain than another $70-$100 on content and you are broke before you see results, if you see results.

But wait a minute Kal, how come SAPE is organic search engine optimization technology ?! What does it have to do paid links with organic SEO?!

I’m with you guys on this but in this time and edge steroids are the “organic” way of moving forwards. For example, many of you are in the fitness niche as affiliates and you know more than me that looks sell. Steroids sell as much as anything because they bring “organic” feeling. If you aren’t doing it you are a “smug”. Sorry to say it but that’s the truth in my opinion.

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