How to Use SEO Content Machine – Review

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What’s SEO Content Machine?

SEO Content Machine is the most popular content scraper and content creation software. SEO tools and SEO automation are part of the life of everyone who makes living in the world of Internet Marketing. Nowadays is very popular to yank the bullhorn how unpopular is the scrape and spin articles but the truth is different. If you look at the search results of any affiliate product you will find many sites using SEO tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker and even the Xrumer (I love it!).

SCM has become my go-to content scraping tool. I use Article Builder and The Best Spinner as well and I combine all three tools together for producing unique and better readable content. The software is not perfect but I haven’t found anything better out there.


  • Content scraper
  • Content creator
  • Inject content into articles
  • Re-mix content
  • Works with public and private proxies
  • Translate articles back and forth
  • Tier 1 content creator
  • Scrape for images and videos scraper to use with articles
  • Insert your own images and videos into content
  • Insert your own titles into content (very handy)
  • Multiple sources of content
  • Built-in tool for finding long-tail keywords
  • Create “About Me” tool (very useful)
  • Content Wizard (newbies friendly)
  • Copy Scape Integration
  • Comes with a free spinner
  • Works with all external spinners such as WordAI, The Best Spinner, and others
  • Posting content to WordPress sites


  • Works with all SEO tools
  • Easy to tweak if you need to
  • One of the best-supported tools in the SEO Industry!
  • Updates are frequent (at least once per week)
  • Works with all SEO tools on the market out of the box
  • The developers keep adding new features
  • Can solve Google captchas – $10 for 3500 captchas


  • Content titles are not as good
  • Created content is not perfect

PBNs Content Creation

One of the biggest issues of maintaining a PBN, besides creating one, is to find good content for it. The best way to get content for your PBNs is to use handwritten articles. But we all know how expensive is that and not all of us can afford it.

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SEO Content Machine is the best tool to use when it comes to creating content for your PBNs. Why? Because you can create and schedule the posts to your network with just a few clicks. But to achieve best results you need to use external spinner such as TBS or WordAI as well as creating your own posts titles. If you have crappy titles do not expect good results.

Web 2.0s Content Creation

I’m personally a big fan of Web 2.0 networks. I love them! Especially using expired Tumblr and Once you create them they stick and if you follow basic steps like not log in from the same IP to all of your accounts, your Web 2.0 network will stick for a long time.

But same as working with PBNs, posting readable and well-optimized content is not an easy task. So, SCM can help with that too. If you want to build large Web 2.0 networks you should use either RankerX or Money Robot for that task. Both tools do a great job. I personally used RankerX but currently, my go-to tool for that is Money Robot.

List of Supported SEO Tools

  • Autofill Magic
  • Bookmarks
  • Content
  • FCS Network
  • HTML Article
  • Licorne AIO
  • Magic Submitter
  • No Hands SEO
  • Ranker X
  • SENuke
  • TurboWeb2.0 Submitter
  • Ultimate Demon
  • Any tool can work with content created by SCM

List of Supported External Services

  • Copy Scape
  • Chimp ReWriter
  • Spinner Chief
  • SpinRewriter
  • The Best Spinner
  • WordAI
  • Bing Translate
  • Google Translate
  • Article Builder
  • Big Content Search
  • CopyScape
  • X-Spinner
  • Imgur
  • SpinnerBr
  • SistemaSpinnerBr
  • ArticleSpinnerFr
  • ESpinner


SEO Content Machine is the best software for creating content for your SEO automation software. Of course, it’s not perfect but there is nothing better on the market in my opinion. You can get a free trial, so sign up today and see how it works for yourself.

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  • Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Integration with SEO Tools
  • Integration with External Services
  • Quality of Created Content


SEO Content Machine is really the go-to tool when it comes to content scraping and content creation for SEO tasks. It works with all SEP tools and it can be tweaked to work with anything that comes to content automation.