What SAPE package to choose?

I provide three types of SAPE packages

(Last updated August 5th, 2018)

Classic SAPE – this package includes links from all domains available on the SAPE links network. It’s suitable for any niche. Mainly, the package is designed to target niches with medium competition. You can still target hard niches, but that will require additional off-page SEO and implement other SEO techniques/strategies.

English SAPE – this package includes domains from the SAPE network which have sites build in English and other languages (no Russian sites here). Efficiently targeting hard to compete for keywords and niches.

Home Page SAPE – this package is designed to place links only on the root pages of domains. Excellent way to compete with the “big dogs” and become one of them.

NOTE: SAPE.ru links are not miracle links. In order to achieve the success, you must have good on-page optimization on your site/page.

SAPE.ru is a modern service designed to purchase links from home and inner pages of websites. The service was intended as opposed to the registration of site in web directories which link directly to the person’s website. But this almost lost its effectiveness. Often, promoting a site by just registering it with web directories can only hurt as opposed to the expected. This is due to:

First, search engines began active combat with junk web directories. Secondly, search engines are interested in the content of your website as giving it trust and higher rankings. This is making the site owners begin looking for alternative ways of advertising with contextual advertising. It is no secret that search engines cooperate with services of contextual advertising, or provide such a service (Adsense/Adwords), so that the rise in the cost of promotion increases the cost of PPC advertising, and this, in turn, leads to an increase in profits for the search engines – everything is transparent.

It pointed to the fact that to maintain websites in the SERP for competitive keywords many individuals and companies have to spend massive amounts of money to buy advertisement and expensive links.

The primary purpose of SAPE.ru is to enable SEOs to significantly reduce their spending on promotion, and webmasters – give the opportunity to get additional income from the sale of links to internal pages on their websites. The logic of the system is constructed in such way as to reduce the complexity of the process of buying and selling links.

Advantages of the SAPE.ru Links

The optimal balance between simplicity and functionality: the service developed by practicing SEOs, so one of the main objectives was to achieve a balance between ease of operation and functionality.

As a result, the system has such a modest way of functioning as: the webmaster places a code on their website and sets prices, the system does all the rest of it.  Everything is automatic which makes webmaster happy with just withdrawing funds from their accounts.

There’s also a convenient way for the optimizer as not having to contact gazillion webmasters a day to obtain 5-10 links for their customers.

Safety of SAPE.ru Links

The algorithm of the system is constructed in such a way that an attacker even with a great desire will not be able to place malicious code on the webmaster’s site. It guarantees that the script that is installed on websites can only recognize the predefined data structure defined by SAPE developers. An attacker would have to sort out about 1,2911004008776102783961602993466 e * 1,050 options to break in one of the websites.

High Trust Flow Links

SAPE are High Trust Flow links which will help you rank. As recent studies show (if I can call them that) High Trust Flow backlinks are still and will be a major factor in ranking online. There is all kind of rumors on forums how ‘G’ banned this or that network – SAPE will live forever 🙂 … And to the disappointment of some ‘gurus’ SAPE got no footprint whatsoever.

NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – links are rented for 30 days. Refund is provided ONLY if I fail to submit a report on time. I pay for all the links BEFORE I send you the report, therefore, after I send you the report it’s a done deal.

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