Google PageRank Update and SAPE

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google page rank update

OoOoK so, after almost 9 months in waiting for the Google PageRank Update – it’s finally here! After all the talk how the evil search machine retired the PR they lied again. What else is news?

So, one client got their website page rank updated to PR4 (previously PR1), another client got one site updated to PR3 and the other to PR2 (both were PR0 before the update). About 9 customers who created their sites in the last 30 to 60 days days got their sites promoted straight to PR2, 5 domains were brand new and 4 were expired domains. And finally, 11 customers got their website promoted to PR1 and most of them were old domains collecting dust, just the SAPE links got them a little juice.

Not bad at all, the stats are from my regular customers. My domain is still sitting at PR0 :), I guess you know that story about the shoemaker and his shoes? Anyways, I’m glad at least that Google finally indexed my domain after submitting numerous revisions.

OK folks, SAPE is still blasting strong with the sites that made the PR update. Lot’s of sites on SAPE got their PR dropped and from what I see most of them were the ones with 301 redirect (which I never use nor used) but it looks like the monster is catching on the 301 redirects.

Also, the xrumer is still working great and to be honest I find lots of the old techniques and strategies resurrected somewhat with this page rank update… Really strange but we shall see what’s next, it might be good news at last.

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