Once you go Black Hat…

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OK so you decided to go all out Black Hat – congrats. But what does it mean to be a black hatter? Well, don’t know why (actually I know why – illiterate punks) most people think that black hat is doing illegal stuff to make money online or something similar to them. No, it’s not that – that’s called “scam”.

Black hatters do not scam people but they just reverse engineer search engines. Which in return evolves the search engines. Where would be google today without us today, nowhere? In my opinion, the explanation for what actually black hat – is someone who is asking the questions and looking for the answers themselves. Instead of just reading “guidelines and rules” to follow, we are putting all that effort to succeed by learning how things work.

I’m yet to see a “white hat” site built and ranking all naturally J and its visitor do all the work for the webmaster… It’s all baloney, if you believe in that, go buy some apples, polish and try to resell them.

I find it amusing, how many people for example are on the WMT’s forum and “serving the master” by reporting “all black hat cheaters” and how they are “helping to make the web a better place” … Once you are snitch in your life, it goes forever with you and sooner or later will come back and bite you. And I’m not talking about those who got spam from scrapebox on their sites and went to report that on google. I’m talking about the people who go out and snitch for sites and mind other people’s business and they are the judge and the jury. Life doesn’t work that way, only fools think that way.

I love black hat because I know I won’t walk alone. Being 9 years online, I never got anything bad in return from fellow black hatter. I always got help, support and advice so I do so in return to new guys in the scene. One very valuable advice I learned myself is “what works for someone else, it won’t work for me” and trust me it’s true. Never try to copy/paste someone’s work but rather try to expand their idea it. That’s where you will succeed for sure.

Good luck!

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