On-page SEO Explained

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On-page SEO is THE MOST important factor and should be checked any time you can… It is really crucial to have a well-organized website before you start doing off-page SEO. At the same time, you should be really careful when doing on-page SEO, because it’s easily over-optimized and your site is going to be seen as spammy in Google’s EYES :).

How to create a quality webpage?

In 2012 when Google rolled the Penguin update the focal point was over-optimized pages. That meant pages with high keyword density and irrelevant content.

Here is an image what google considers spammy / over optimized (keyword stuffing) / whatever-else-is-new …

Keyword Stuffing

And here is the image of what your page should look like.

On-Page SEO

Let’s not forget that Google is a bot and it’s not going to come to your page and read all the stuff and say “Damn it, this is some killa article and I’m gonna rank it on page 1″… Not, it’s not working that way and it won’t work that way. The bots crawl your site and look for certain things like the ones in the infographics below.


On-Page SEO Best Practices

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