Links Banned by Google?

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SAPE Links Banned And This Time is For “REAL”

Let’s scare the little kids and let the BIG DOGS cash-in… AGAIN!!!

Now, I read rumors (evidence from twitter) all over the forums that Matt Cutts is banning something. “He bans something… some links exchange network… OMG, finally they got banned”… 🙂 I’m just having a good laugh reading all these comments. First of all, 99.99% of the people don’t know how SAPE works and probably 95% of them don’t speak a word in Russian (google translate – 🙂 hell no).

Second of all, if you participate on forums on a daily basis, you know from recent times that SAPE is a HOT topic and lots of people were talking about it for the past 9 months or so… Lots of newbies went on and bought gazillion packages: Xrumer blast there, Oh and Web 2.0 properties are hot… How can you forget a good old ScrapeBox blast… Awesome fiverr that will do a WIKI PUMP… And after a month of over-optimizing their sites, they get a nice hefty boost with SAPE Links Service 🙂 – nothing wrong here.

Well, for the “experienced eye” you will see that the picture is a complete mess and at the end, they “hit the jackpot” with the High PRs. So, this raises Google eyebrow and someone from Google visit the websites and finds out what’s all about. Next step is getting the Warning Message in The Webmaster Tools account and here we go SAPE is the guilty one.

SAPE, along with all Russian networks is just a tool and if not used correctly then you know the drill.

Google can’t afford to ban those networks, simply because they’ll have to wipeout ⅔ of their SERP results in Russia. Like it or not, the Russian market is huge. Simply, if you do the math on the market share you will understand what I mean: Russia has 175 mil people + Ukraine, 40 mil people + Kazakhstan, 17 mil people … and many other xUSSR states = close to 300 million people. Letting this market share in the hands of Yandex will be suicidal for Google, and there is no serious person to believe that. do not wipe their SERP out because 80% of the businesses are being optimized with link networks. And I’m talking about big businesses who pay for organic SEO and pay for PPC as well.

Use your brains and don’t read baloney stories how “you are gonna get destroyed”. I haven’t seen any SAPE links banned by Google.

PS: Awesome video from Alex Becker on White Hat SEO 🙂 . Classy video opening, almost had me switching to white hat SEO 🙂 !

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