How to Buy Backlinks in 2021?

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If you’ve been hanging out in the SEO world for any length of time, you’ve heard about the “controversial practice” of buying backlinks. The practice is simple: you pay a third party to create a page with a text link pointing back to your website. (Nowadays, you can also buy social media shares, but that’s another story.) The controversy comes from the fact that some (not all) backlinks are perceived as less than reputable, so SEOs often warn against buying them. The question we had for our panel of experts is: are backlinks still a valuable SEO tool in 2021, or should you be focusing your efforts elsewhere? What is the advantage of this? If you’re just starting your blog and are looking.

How to Buy Backlinks in 2021?

Where to Buy Backlinks?

Backlinks sellers can be found all over the SEO marketplaces, such as (the best), SEOClerks (second best), Fiverr (everything sucks there, lol), (that’s a dead ship sailing, but there are some active sellers there). If you just go and google “buy backlinks,” you will find tons of websites offering services. What matters the most is your budget. Are you buying the links to rank clients’ sites, your own, or both?

Doing link-building SEO for clients is a very tedious process unless you have a system in place. We all learn by mistakes, which involves burning cash as well. I have a monthly budget that I use for testing different link sellers. Yes, I buy backlinks, and I mostly use the Russian market to find quality links. I do that because, first, this sets me apart from my competitors. I don’t get involved in selling the same stuff a million other sellers do. Trial and error always bring good results.

If you want to survive the SEO jungle, make sure you are a rare animal. Simple as that, and it will pay you back.

What Backlinks to Buy?

If you have a large budget to operate with, you should always go for the best links. The best links that money can buy are SAPE links (obviously, lol), guest posts, outreach links, PBNs (note: the best PBN links sellers provide NO report). These are the most powerful backlinks. I suggest using these links at your last stage of the link-building campaign. Why? Because these are your “graduation” links, to make your backlinks profile complete. I find it very confusing how some people have their website live and come to me asking for SAPE links demanding their website to rank in a month.

Your first backlinks should be the social profiles for the website. Then you start doing little by little. I always suggest you have them first. After that, Web 2.0 properties of any kind will help.

The Benefits of Buying Backlinks

It saves you tons of money, and you can scale your business. I never was able to do that because I love what I do, and the dopamine rush for me comes from searching large databases and finding the best possible sources of backlinks for my clients. It’s like playing chess on ten different boards with ten different opponents. You can bet there will be some losses. It’s inevitable, but once you learn your trademarks, it will be a breeze.

The Disadvantages of Buying Backlinks

The main disadvantages of buying backlinks are that they are not cheap and cost you good dollars. Some bad sellers may take down the links you paid after a week. There are scammers in our industry, no doubt about it. Always ask for samples, and try to be as polite as possible. Even if you see they offer you crap, don’t argue. Just walk away.

How to Find The Best Backlinks Seller?

The best backlinks sellers are always recommended by someone else. These guys are very technical. Most of the time, they are coders/developers/hackers. They have their tools which you can’t buy anywhere. Believe it or not, there are many layers into the psychology of finding rare diamonds.

Don’t look for the flash boys out there. Look for the guys sitting in the dark corner with a hoody over their heads. These are the real OGs of the game. The others are mostly resellers. Not that there aren’t any good of them, there are, but you have to go for the best of the best. Usually, these guys work alone. They are lone wolves, not posting every 5 mins on Twitter why you should use their services. You can’t spot them from the first glance on Facebook groups or Reddit.

The best backlinks sellers are rare animals. No attitude, and they don’t like to negotiate. They have their price set, and this is it—no Black Friday promotions, no coupons for discounts, etc. If you find a guy like that, stick with him or her. These people work 24/7, answer the emails within minutes, sleep is 5-6 hours per night, have no social life, and live in the 4th dimension. I know it is hard to find them, but they will be like a german Sheppard for your business once you do.

I have a client that I work with for over five years, and he supplies me with an incredible amount of business. And I will walk a thousand extra miles for him. And we are not cheap, we charge good money, but we are reliable, and we will be there for you and your business.

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