How to Organize Anchor Text for Your SEO

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Post Penguin 3.0 Anchor Text is Everything

I’m not making an overstatement here, it’s true folks. You mess-up your anchor text and your website/project goes down the SERPs in no time.

What is Anchor Text?

For real, what is it and why it’s so important? OK we all know or we think we know what’s that but we are not using anchor text the right way. I do it wrong as well but same as you I found out about it the hard way.

This little piece of text is the DNA of link building. It’s the piece of information when combined in a puzzle the search engines derive the information they need.

So, let’s get started with how to use and organize anchor text for SEO purposes.

First case scenario would be if you have EMD domain and you are trying to promote an affiliate product. Our imaginary product would be keylogger software.

  1. EMD
  2. Targeted keywords: keylogger download, keylogger software, keylogger free, keylogger free download
  3. Using WordPress to build the website.

Now, the old way to build the website’s SILO structure would be if we created 4 pages and each page have category slug the keyword in it. Example:

If we created the site structure as above we would be hit with over optimization penalty and the website won’t make it pass page 5 (best case scenario). Also, we would have done link building mostly using the above four keywords and their close variations. Then do some link building using GSA SER and SAPE and this is it, we done and waiting for the affiliate commission to start coming in.

Here is how we should organize the sites structure and URL slugs:

The above structure doesn’t come under the Google’s EMD Update penalty and after putting quality content on the website we are good to go with our off-page SEO campaign.

Let’s organize the anchor text for our SAPE campaign:

  • We are going to use URL/Brand anchor text of 50% on all links we build, example: 20% to home page:,,,,,, and so on
  • Same deal applies for the inner pages:
  • Niche related anchor text would be 20%, example: where to download keylogger free, best free keylogger, what’s keylogger for computers, and many others like it.
  • Keyword related anchors would be 5%, example: free keylogger download, download keylogger software for windows 8, which is the best keylogger free in 2014, voted best keylogger free download… and so on.
  • Last but not least, miscellaneous keywords anchors would be 25% (yep, that much), example: click here, more information and download, how to download it, where to download the software, more on the subject, best site to read about… you got the idea.

Now, when you guys make an order on my site and get redirected to the thank you page, you better have prepared a spread sheet file with all the above information. For example, if you have ordered Classic SAPE Econo package and as it says it’s 88 SAPE Links total (I always over deliver to 100 or so).

You create in excel sheet containing:

  • 50 variations of your root and/or inner pages URLs
  • 25 variations of random text
  • 20 variations of niche related anchors
  • 5 variations of your money keyword(s)

If you want me to anchor text just certain part of text, you put the following brakets/tags around it: this is your example #a#targeted keyword#/a# text (the text inside the #a# tags will be anchored).
Also, make sure the whole sentence/text snippet including space and dashes doesn’t exceed 100 symbols.

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