SAPE Links In 2018 – Are They Still Powerful?

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First of all, let’s clear what SAPE meaning stands for: SAPE Network is a Russian marketplace for buying and selling advertisement spots on websites. Most people use these advertisement spots for backlinks. Hence, SAPE grew rapidly as the World’s largest place.

SAPE Links in 2018

The state of SAPE links in 2017 will be more powerful than in 2016. The really important part of SEO in general in 2016 was the introduction of Penguin 4.0 which is now real time. When first Penguin 4.0 was released I was like “oh God, not again”. I have anticipated being a lot harsh and lots of sites to get hit with penalties. In reality, it happened quite the opposite. Sites rank awesome and faster than prior to the introduction of the update.

Using SAPE links in 2017 has to be as wise as ever. Make sure your on-page SEO is good, your website’s structure is good and everything else that you can think of is taken care of. Quality content must be used at all times. This will save you money as you will need a few links instead of buying tons of them. Backlinks still important as ever and if you want to rank for highly searched terms you should consider only quality.

Common mistakes that I find with clients when it comes to using SAPE links in 2017:

1. SAPE links are the first source of backlinks – which is a mistake. You should always consider adding the SAPE links 2017 at the end of your SEO campaign. Always make sure your site starts moving, Google shows love for your site, like moving from page 10 to page 4 in a week time. This is a good sign on well-structured site and content.

2. “I bought a package of SAPE links but my site is not ranking” – why? Well, most of the time when this happens is you are trying to rank for highly searched term(s) with a brand new website. Like one or two months old website which in most cases is hard. As you probably know a brand new domain is “sandboxed” by Google for at least 60 days. Many people buy SAPE backlinks for just one month is not always the solution. From my experience with highly searched keywords, it takes an expired domain, great content and SAPE links for two or three months to rank. SAPE link building is not like your regular type of building backlinks. You have to use their power by applying your main anchors/keywords. Do not waste power on any meaningful keywords.

3. Combining SAPE links with PBN links – hit or miss. In general PBN links are great but only if you own the PBNs and you have the full control of the links going to your private link network. It’s going to take a long post to describe to you what I’ve seen with people doing to with private networks. Grose stuff! So, most of the time you go to a forum or and you buy a package of PBN links, your website improves on SERPs after a few days and then you decide to how many links to buy. Which is great but meanwhile you have no idea what other people will do to the PBN network.

SAPE Links in 2017

I’ve investigated a few claims from clients who purchased links from me and went ballistic on how the links “ruined” their rankings and they are eager to remove them. After a quick visit to, I found that the client purchased PBN links from public sellers. And I went investigating the networks. First and foremost the private link network has been deindexed. The main reason for that is the content – poorly spun content. If you rely on PBNs with junk content do not expect any good.

I’ve had clients purchasing 2-3 SAPE packages for 10 PBN links they bought from somewhere. In general, that’s good but it’s never good your inner pages to have more backlinks than your home page. The website, which in our case is the PBN website, will attract much attention from Google crawlers and Penguin 4.0 will nail it. Be careful with PBN links sold on forums and gigs is all I want to say.

4. Your website ranked with SAPE links and after that, you stopped doing SEO – this is really a common mistake. I believe and I know for a fact that you should never stop doing SEO to your website. Any kind of SEO is good only no-SEO is no good. You always have to keep moving and keep growing your links profile.

5. Anchor text ration and overoptimization – common mistake and in most cases lead to not ranking no matter what you do. Using SAPE links 2018 has to be planned carefully to how you organize your anchor text.

I’m going to do SAPE links case study at some point to show people best practices to achieve their goals. It is not that hard, just has to be done the right way.

Whatever we say about SEO and link building, in particular, year after year we need to adjust. Using SAPE links in 2017 vs SAPE links in 2018 hasn’t changed much. The basics still the same. You have to do great on-page SEO and then proceed with backlinks. Content is really important and it really is the King but that King needs to be fed with quality backlinks. If you have good content on your website you will get page 3 and even page 2 easily and without any powerful links. And once you get to page 2 and get the juicy links it will a lot easier to rank.

I hope these tips to help you guys analyzing your competition and deciding on what strategy to go with.

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