What Are The Main Keys In Ecommerce Web Hosting?

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There is a wide variety of choices. That’s why many tend to choose the first offer they get. Or the cheapest/most expensive one. But in such cases when the problem appears you have to blame no one, but yourself. What should you research before choosing an e-commerce hostage?

The speed

Does the user experience matter? It does, because who wants to revisit slow downloading pages? Yeah, yeah, yeah, marketing and so on. But it also influences your e-commerce website ranking. Every search engine takes into account your site speed while deciding whether to show it on the search results screen or not. Why? Because every engine values a positive user experience.

E-commerce Web Hosting

Do you want to see numbers? Here you are:

  • More than 45% of users want pages to be downloaded within two seconds or faster.
  • A little less than half of the respondents didn’t want to wait longer than one second. Same people mentioned, that if the process takes more than three seconds, they’d leave and never come back.
  • In case you have a site which brings you 100.000 dollars per day, one extra second may take 2.500.000 dollars per year from you.
  • The speed of your e-commerce site depends on many factors. But you can make it faster by, for instance, optimizing everything that should andor be optimized.

The perspective

Regardless of your business andor site scalability at the moment, there’s always room for improvement and development, so as growing. Really, who’s going to stop in a while and decide not to develop furthermore? Therefore you should keep that in mind while choosing a hosting system. It should either have an opportunity for you to grow or grow with you.

Remember: your needs will gonna change. In case you don’t pay proper attention to it you risk experiencing a downtime while switching to a more suitable system.

The hidden costs

Have you seen something of high quality, that’s been selling for free? Except for cheese in a mousetrap, of course. So even if you did all by yourself, you should still pay for the hosting, maintenance, domain and many other things to perform. And usually, you get what you’ve paid for!

You can impact the cost by choosing the features, size, and number of levels in your online store, but you will face the hidden costs. Of course, not all of them are hidden, but these conditions differ from one company to another. For example, one may charge you monthly according to your sales volumes, others may ask you for some percent of each product people bought from you.

You shouldn’t be worried though. Especially in case you have something, others don’t have. That’s why it may be worth paying a little more to get a proper non-stop support for your online shop for a long successful while.


As you can see, it’s essential to take time researching the hosting platform for the one with a perfect combination of speed, perspective, and price to satisfy your needs. In case you’ve already found one don’t hesitate to put money, time and efforts in it for the sake of your success and success of your business. In such a way you’ll save yourself from getting in some traffic trouble in the future.

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